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Alveo Financial Tower

Project at a Glance
Project Location: 6794 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Turnover Date: Low Zone - 1Q 2020 / High Zone - 2Q 2020
Unit Sizes: 108 sqm - 129 sqm
Price Range: Php 26.91M - Php 30.72M
Number of Floors: 49 physical floors
Number of Units: 363


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Alveo Financial Tower By Alveo Land

Formally known as the JAKA Tower, the Alveo Financial Tower is an office building under construction in Makati, Philippines. It was referred to JAKA since it was initially a property of JAKA group which was owned by the family of a senator by the name Juan Ponce Enrile. 

The construction of the Alveo Financial Tower began in 1996, although it did not go on as planned since in 1998 the construction was halted due to financial crisis until later in 2014, when the new owners, the Ayala Land Inc., took over. Immediately after taking over the ownership of the building in 2015, it changed its name from the JAKA Tower to the now Alveo Financial Tower. The tower is expected to be completed and ready for occupation by as early as 2019.

The skyscraper was initially designed by Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum ( HOK) architectural firm which is a US based architectural, engineering and urban planning company. The HOK is responsible for designing some of the most unique buildings in the world. Some of the structures that HOK has designed include the Priory Chapel at Saint Louis Abbey, Kellogg Company Headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Rogers Place arena in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia among very many other projects that it has undertaken worldwide. 

The current owner, the Ayala Land Inc, is a Philippines based real estate firm and a branch of the Ayala corporation. It is one of the leading real estate firms in Philippines. It deals with development of residential buildings, Financial buildings, shopping centers, hotels as well as in strategic landmark management. 

Before continuation of the construction of the Financial Tower 15 years since it had been halted, the Alveo group involved Magnusson Klemencic Associates, which is a foreign structural and civil engineering company, together with Sysquared + Associates so that that it could carry out a structural integrity assessment on the structure to ascertain if it is fit for construction to continue. An architectural firm by the name William V. Coscolluela & Associates was also involved in making consultations on the initial design of the Tower.

Its completion is estimated to be on 2019 and it will have a total of 49 floors. It will actually be 48s and a roof deck at the top.  

Although the tower is designed to be an office building, it will have retail shops at the first three floors ( ground floor, second floor and third floor). On its fifth and seventeenth floors the tower will have a business activity area. 

In total, it is designed to have 363 units with the size of each unit ranging from 108 square meters to 129 square meters which is enough room for conducting business. 

The Tower stands on a 26,000 square feet piece of land. That translates to 2,400 sq m. The total floor area is 63,739 sq m, which is quite a space for business. The floor area (FAR) ratio is 27.

The tower also has a large basement parking area to cater for approximately all its users. The parking space os divided into two: those for sale and those for retail and guests. The parking space for sale are 568 units while those for retail and guests are 94 units, bringing all the parking units to 662 units. Mainly, the 568 paid for parking units are for office purposes.

The Tower is easily accessible from all corners of the city and it is also very well connected to the rest of structures and buildings within the City of Makati. This is mainly attributed to the fact that it stands on a piece of land along the Ayala Avenue which is a major road not only in Makati City but in the Metro Manila. The avenue is joined by several other joining streets as it cuts through the Central Business District of the city.

Given that it will be constructed to premium office building standards, it is definitely be a classy building suitable for all kinds of firm offices. 

At the heart of Makati’s Central Business District, specifically 6794 Ayala Avenue stands The Alveo Financial Tower. The Ayala Avenue is the artery of Makati CBD. This address speaks for itself. The most distinguished among the addresses within the district. This is the heart of the country’s business and financial capital, and almost everything beats around here.

The Alveo Financial Tower is a LEED-certified office tower with 49 stories and strategically situated between Makati’s established financial district and the new growth center of the city- the City Gate. The Financial Tower is highly-meshed within Ayala Avenue and integrated with so many multinational business command posts, various prestigious institutions and the city’s emerging hotspots on the avenue’s locality.

The address is truly the best spot in all of Makati and perhaps the rest of the metro. The Alveo Financial Tower is expected to change the avenue’s modernity and functionality where it could be a stimulus to maintain only those efficient facilities enhancing unique user-friendly features. Providing a straight-forward and effective building features, end-users could concentrate on the task on hand while delivering quality products for their company.

This is how Alveo Land innovates and operates, its brand of innovation is copied by other well-known brands but just can’t be equaled.

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Alveo Financial Tower - Location & Vicinity

The JAKA Tower was a planned office skyscraper in Makati City, Philippines. It was designed by the architectural firm Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum, and was to be the first highrise project of the then fledging JAKA Property Group. Construction started in 1996, and was scheduled for completion by 1999. It was designed to rise 49 storeys high, with a height of 185.9 metres to its roof. Its design was to have cladded finishing on its podium, and external curtain glass walls on the rest of the building. Contact us for more information about Alveo Financial Tower.

The Alveo Financial Tower is located at 6794 Ayala Avenue in Makati city. The Tower stands right at the heart of the central business district of Makati, making it a prime building to conduct business in. Once completed, the iconic marvel will have a very significance impact on the modern, dynamic corporate world in Makati. Actually, Makati serves as the financial center of the Philippines with a good number of multinationals as well as local corporations having their offices there. 

The Alveo Financial Tower is also very well networked, especially by the Ayala Avenue, to headquarters of various internationally recognised business as well as very prominent institutions within the City of Makati. Makati is the seventh largest city in Philippines with a population of close to 600,000 with around 19,000 being residents. In the world, Makati is ranked at number 41 in terms of population. All this makes Alveo the best place to have your business office since with such a large city, you are guaranteed of customers.

The Ayala Avenue is among the busiest in Makati as well as in the whole Metro Manila. It has even been named wall street of Philippines due to the many businesses that are located along it. The Ayala Avenue also serves as a link between the EDSA Avenue and the Metropolitan Avenue. 

Some of the landmarks connected to the Alveo Financial Tower by  the Ayala Avenue include the Ayala center, which is a group of 8 shopping centers namely the Glorietta Complex, Markati Shangri-La Hotel and Greenbelt Mall among several other prominent businesses in Makati. Another landmark is the Ayala Triangle, which is at the center of the Makati Central Business District and where most of the multinationals, banks, restaurants and boutiques are actually located. 

The PBCom Tower, which is the tallest building in Philippines and serving as the main office of the Philippine Bank of Communication as well as the East West Bank, is also located along the Ayala Avenue and thus very easily accessible from the Alveo Financial Tower. The Philippines Stock Exchange is also located along the Ayala Avenue in the Ayala Tower One.

Apart from the various commercial structures along the Ayala Avenue, there are also several government buildings along the avenue. These include the Makati City Police station, Makati City Post Office and the Makati Coty Fire Station. All these government buildings are accessible from the Alveo Tower.

Other buildings that are accessible from the Alveo Financial Tower via the Ayala Avenue include: PNB Makati Center, BDO Corporate Center, Discovery Primea, G.T. International Tower, Convergys Philippines Services Center, Enterprise Center neoclassical twin Towers, L.V. Locsin, Insular Life Building, Makati Sky Plaza, LKG Tower, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Plaza,  Peninsula Manila, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Tower, Rufino Plaza, PeopleSupport Center and Security Bank Center among others.

Some of the hospitals/health clinics close to the Alveo Financial Tower include the PhilhealthCare Incorporated locates on the sixth floor of Iacademy building 0.27 km from the Ayala Triangle along the 6764 Ayala Avenue, the Patient First Medical Center on the third flor of the Mercury S ug Building Glorletta 3 in the Ayala Center and 0.54 km from the Ayala triangle and the Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics PH : Laser Eye and Plastic Surgery in Mezzanlne, Tower 2 along 6766 Ayala Avenue.

Alveo Financial Tower Location

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Alveo Financial Tower - Features & Amenities

When completed, the Alveo Financial Tower will be one of the most magnificent skyscraper in the city of Makati. It is LEED certified and on completion it is expected to have 49 floors.

All its features are geared towards modernism. From the outside the building is designed to catch the eye with very fine tuned finishes. The floor and ceiling are designed to have bear & rough cement finish. Also, it will have 40% glass ratio of doulble-glazed glass, meaning that most of its walls will be glass giving it a classy feel.

Also the units in the various floors will not have any partitions. They will only have partitioning markings indicating the boundaries of each unit. This leaves the tenants with the freedom to select the best fut for partitioning depending on their business and taste. However, there will be a temporary gypsum board that will erected to partition common hallways.

Each unit is designed with a provision for at least one executive toilet. This makes every unit self contained and once you occupy one, you will not have to que to access washroom services. This is how executives like it!

The skyscraper is also designed to have a computer-based control system ( Building Management System, BMS) installed so that it can control and monitor both the Tower’s mechanical and electrical systems and equipment like the fire systems, ventilation, power systems, security systems and lighting. This means that most of the systems will be automated and well interconnected to ensure that those staying inside are comfortable enough.

Telecommunication services are guaranteed with Globe, which is a Telecommunications service provider in San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines. Also, when it comes to the broadband internet services, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) is in charge. This ensures that the Financial Tower has quality communication infrastructure in place, which is of paramount importance especially when it comes to running businesses.

The Alveo Financial Tower will also have a centralised chilling water system to control the climate inside the building. The system will have a modular variable speed design. The system will also incorporate a tapping point for both chilled water and fresh air. Also, it will have a number of British Thermal Units (BTU meters) so that the data of the energy, flow and temperature of the system can be corrected collected when need be. This chilling water system will go a long way in helping to cool the air in the building especially since it will have many units which will need to be controlled separately.

Apart from the normal power supply from the power grid, the tower is fitted with a 150v/sqm backup generator to ensure that the building will never lack electricity power. 

Also, in case of accidents like fire, the tower is fitted with smoke detectors to detect any fires and monitor modules and sub-outs for water jets to spray water. This makes the Tower secure from fires since the system is automated and is to work independently without having to actualized by a human in case of a fire break out.


Alveo Financial Tower - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Office Space ₱ 25 M - 29.2 M 317.4 sqm - 320.4 sqm

Alveo Financial Tower - Payment Option

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They often say that “birds of the same feather flock together”. In business, this might also hold true. Just like the partnership of Ayala Land and Alveo Land, they are just inseparable. And look at them now; they are both leaders in their respective industries.

Ayala Avenue, like what we reiterated, is where the Alveo Financial Tower is situated and where most of the headquarters of the world’s finest companies are located. You may want to relocate to this awesome office tower to be with the Philippines’ and the world’s best companies and rub elbows with them. Be with the biggest so you may someday be one of them!

Alveo Land’s Commitment

Alveo Land’s master-planned office buildings nurture individuals’ hard-earned investment so that they may grow and not relinquish to any pressure from work but rather continue what they perceived to be the most efficient way of handling business. The Alveo Financial Towers office facilities bring the best in one’s mental and physical capacities by providing them the best place to work well.

Near City Gate Growth Area

The City Gate lies near the project and it is set to comprise two office towers with more than 56,000sqm of leasable areas designed and built by Ayala Land catering to multinational and BPO companies. This mixed-use office building has a 10,000sqm of retail podium with restaurants and shopping spaces. Residents of the Alveo Financial Towers could engage on this endeavor as entrepreneurs to maximize their income potential. 

Sustainable and Very Stable Economy

The Makati CBD is considered one of the most energetic and vigorous commercial districts in the whole Southeast Asia. The economy this side of Makati is also touted to be the strongest among the cities in the whole country, investing here (primarily in real estate) is strongly advised by financial experts due to its high-yielding appreciation in short term basis. There are two groups managing the financial district: The Makati Commercial Estates Association (MaCEA) and the Ayala Property Management Corp. (APMC).

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